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Our family based company manufactures carbon parts for motorcycles for over 10 years. The tradition began in 1985 when we started with service and sport - tuning of motorcycles of the following brands: Honda,Kawasaki,Suzuki and Yamaha. We gain our own experiences in motorcycle racing at the famous international competitions Technocorse and Yuraracing from 1997 to 2008. The replacement of original motorcycles parts with better and lighter was thus necessary , so we started making our own carbon parts.

Today we pride ourselves with modern 600m2 workshop and autoclave oven,which is being in the last stages of assembling. We manufacture a wide range of products for European market and are an exclusive part manufacturer for Italian company Lightech.

Our products are made from high quality epoxy resin and hand laminated carbon fibers (from 160 gr. or 200 gr.). We supply parts for various brands of motorcycles, such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki. Yamaha, Agusta. Aprilia and BMW and since this  year for Triumph and Ducati (models from 1998 and newer) as well. We can also manufacture custom made moulds for other brands!
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